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What is GamePlan?
The objective of GamePlan :
-To continuously building up the connection between all gaming society in colleges and universities.
-To enhance the participants’ university life by involving them in a series of activities.
-To enhance gamer societies engagement with latest technology and product.
-Compete in a healthy gaming lifestyle.

What is Interschool Cyber Challenge?
Interschool Cyber Challenge is an activity for every student from every different university/college within the whole Malaysia to have a chance to compete among each other and find out who is the best of the best.

With all the e-Sports such as DotA 2, Overwatch and SFV competitions tournament these days, but actually not many are catered just for students. Majority of the tournaments and competitions are usually take part in Cyber Café. But we, Gameplan, Interschool Cyber Challenge aims to change these tournament style, by bringing it to your university / college. Giving students a chance to compete among each other.