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What is GAX

April 30, 2017

In 2015, Gameplan decided they wanted a show exclusively for gaming. Sure, comics, anime, and other nerd hobbies were cool, and those activities all had their own shows… so what about games? From that idea spawned a small 2,000 person event in KDU University College, Selangor, focused on the culture and community that is gaming. Since then, the show hasn’t looked back. Doubling in size each year until venue capacities were reached, in 2016 the show expanded into Kuala Lumpur for Game Anime Xpo, drawing four of thousands of attendees in the inaugural year. The shows in Klang Valley, Malaysia represent the two major gaming events in Malaysia, where it is now a yearly event!


Publishers and Developers putting their best foot forward with unreleased games and hardware? What more could  you ask for? Since that show was for industry insiders only, GAX has been the only place the public could see, hear and experience the insanity that is a game industry expo hall. With over a few thousand square feet of show floor and all genres, platforms and styles of games represented, this area makes for one of the highlights to the GAX experience.

PC Zone

For those that can’t stand the closed system of the console world, we’ve set up huge areas with hundreds of high-end PCs for your enjoyment. Laugh at those poor developers struggling to squeeze everything they can from console hardware made years ago, as we’re catering to you- the PC gamer that is satisfied with nothing but the MOST gigs and the HIGHEST resolutions.

Handheld Lounge

It started with an open area that fire marshals wouldn’t let us setup a booth in and slowly became one of the mainstays to GAX. With each show offering hundreds of beanbags for your use, these organically created meetup areas allow those with 3DS’, PSPs and Vitas to congregate and play to their hearts content. Heck, we’ve even seen some Nomads in there. Grab a beanbag, occupy a corner and look for those ad-hoc games!

Guest Performance

When the first GAX was birthed in 2015, Japanese IDOL performance was one of the core pillars to the show. We were fans of the STELLA BEAT and Luce Twinkle Wink☆ , and from there we expanded both our knowledge and lineup of the genre. At the time, having that many people in a room listening to nerd core music wasn’t “a thing.” In fact, nerd core music was barely “a thing.” Fast forward a decade later, and we’re excited to see the genre grow along with the sizes of our main theatre crowd, always filled to capacity with thousands of fans listening to and participating in these acts. A big part of GAX is connection, and we’re proud to say we’re a niche show with fans that treat these niche acts like the rock stars they are.